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Colorful Oval Seashell Earrings

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These colorful oval earrings are SO LIGHT, they don’t even register on a digital scale! 

The bright mix of colors (and a little glitter) are balanced by the deep brown seashells, making these boho earrings truly eclectic. 

Perfect for a simple wardrobe, they’re all the accessory you need. 

Length: 3 Inches 

Width: 1.5 Inches 

Colors: red, blue, green, yellow, black


These statement earrings combine translucent clay, shimmery clay, and matte clay for a visually dynamic effect. 

The geometric shape and big bold size make then such a fun and modern pair of boho earrings!


 Be ready to stand extra tall and turn heads!


 Length: 3.75 Inches 

Width: 1.5 Inches 

Colors: translucent, shimmery beige,  copper, purples 



-lightweight polymer clay earrings are blissfully comfortable all day long

-clean these hypoallergenic earrings easily with a baby wipe, damp towel, or tissue with rubbing alcohol

-14k Gold Filled findings (also made by me!) are dazzling AND life-friendly. They’re super strong, and they won’t tarnish

-all water-resistant materials! Don’t worry about rain, spills, or a quick dip in the ocean


Every pair of these handmade earrings is unique. There may be slight differences between the ones you receive and what’s pictured above.