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About me

 Maui jewelry maker



Hi, I’m Ria 👋🏼  
Thanks for visiting! 


If you’re anything like me, you feel like you should always be doing something.  

Let’s take a break.  


Sit back... maybe lounge a little... unwind, at least for a few minutes. 


Shoots Maui is the realization of a long time dream.

A dream to be free from bosses and meetings.

To hang out with my husband and kids - or just with myself- whenever I want.  

To make “what I love to do” and “what I do for a living” the Same Damn Thing!


 “What I love to do” is make things, particularly  jewelry. It’s a process that requires as much creativity as it does craftsmanship.


 I like my jewelry to stand out! But I won’t wear anything that’s heavy, scratchy, or too fragile for everyday life.


And I need my jewelry to go with everything I wear, which for the record is mostly loungewear.


Shoots Maui is statement jewelry for a simple life; whether you’re going to work, play, or nowhere at all.

Minimal doesn’t have to be plain.

Comfortable doesn’t have to be boring.

And jewelry isn’t just for going out!


No worries - yesterday’s clothes with different jewelry is a new outfit!


Mahalo 🙏🏼,